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  • Residential and commercial
  • Demolition
  • Addition
  • Carpentry
  • Masonry
  • Siding
  • Stucco
  • Roofing
  • Pointing
  • Waterproofing
Protouch Paintings
  • Interior and Exterior
  • Brush
  • Sprays
  • Murals
  • Venetian Walls
  • Accent walls
  • Wallpaper
  • Roofing
  • Tape
  • Plaster
  • Power Washing and more

Proudly offering the best warranty program in the industry. Call us now 201-624-862

Total Protection Pro plus Plan Call on for detail 201-624-8621

Here at Pro Touch Painting we have designed this unique warranty program that goes hand in hand to fit all our client needs. We are the best of best in this industry. Pro Touch Painting strives to achieve excellent workmanship. We take pride not only in the finished product but the care and experience to be there even after the job is done. Whether the project is a small room, closet, Hallway or an entire house! There is no painting task “PRO TOUCH PAINTING & DESIGN” cannot handle. Every job we do comes with the very best warranty policy in the industry. Call now for pricing and details 201-626-8621

Introducing The Pro Plus Total Protection Plan: Residential & Commercial,

What Pro Plus Total Protection Plan Includes. This warranty service includes all the necessary Painting Preparation work such as covering all floors and furnishings using clean sheeting and drop cloths. Centering all furnishings (at an additional cost or any other requests). Mirror plaster work, repairs dents, holes, cracks, marker stains, food stains or lose paint chips. All imperfection will be covered with plasters and thoroughly sanded. Our professional painter will then apply a well-executed job using our premium paint (Benjamin Moore, Bear and Sherman Williams) turning your dreams into reality. Are you a smoker or do you have small animals or pets. Not to worry this is also included (on a case by case bases value not to exceed more than 20% of total initial price). We want you to leave the worry to us. During the process we leave each and every working day clean and Once the project is completely finish Pro Touch Painting specialized cleaning crew will surface clean using our organic GO GREEN products to floors and work/prep areas .Drift to other rooms are also taking into consideration closing off unpainted areas with curtains and drop cloths (Deep clean is also available at an additional cost). Our team is always available throughout the job to answer any questions which may arise. By participating in this program you are eligible to receive 15% towards any rooms, ceilings and trim not initially painted as our gift to you. We allow all our plans a full 2 year extension by simply re-enrolling in this plan. We will come back out to do a full inspection yearly on the work to insure settling and satisfaction. You will get our recommendation and an observation in writing on if a touch up is needed, what was found and give you our honest opinion. Our design consultant will answer any questions you may have. You will receive a notice by mail, email and phone with a reminder covering your investment with us (cost varies based off renewal price).


Tired of paying for a warranty you don’t use. We have developed a program that you’re going to use! We have teamed up with all our painting supply vendors to bring to you a first in the industry. A fresh paint job After 2 years of being with us. If you haven’t used your warranty value during these years we use that total amount toward a brand new paint job for your home. Why buy paint warranted for 5, 10 or 15 years when you can just have brand new paint applied. This service has saved our customers thousands of dollars and kept our current customer retention rate over 98% satisfaction. This service includes all preparation work, mirror plaster work, repair dents, holes, cracks, marker stains; foods stain or lose paint chips. All imperfection will be covered with plasters and thoroughly sanded. Our professional painter will apply 1 fresh coat of prime and 1 coat of paint. Paint all walls, ceilings, base trim, window trim, door trim and doors. Want to change the color we can do that also (pricing varies depending on paint scheme and technique needed) .This plan is designed for those customers who love to change the entire atmosphere of a single room or an entire house. It can make a dreary room lively, or a cold room cozy. Be a trend setter and wow everyone you know. Cancel anytime with $0 due! See if the other guy will do that for you.

*All damage claims must be inspected by our before any repair work is done. Damage maybe greater then warranty value and before work is done additional repair maybe needed,(leak repair, roof damage repair, flooding, fire, pet, insect/animal/termite, etc. ).*

Pricing must be assessed since prices varies CALL NOW to schedule an in person consultation with a Pro Touch Painting Professional.

Pro-touch Flexible Payments:

Payment plans are available: Take an additional 5% off if paid in full. We take 10% off total renewal for the following year for the plan. Our payment options are as followed. (A) Quarterly: every 3 months auto pay 1st of the month prior to performing services. (B) Annual: due on anniversary of initial service yearly cost remains the same the discount is taken off additional years. Renewal discount applied to 3rd year of service. The most flexible payment options in the industry!

Paint & Trim

Interior trim and crown molding accent your rooms, and when painted or finished well, these decorative features can be the final touch that makes your project dreams turn into a reality when completed. Crown molding are often used to line the area where the ceiling of a home meets the wall and cover imperfections. Installing crown molding today gives a home class and style. Whether we are repainting walls, or are updating décor, our professional painters pay extras special attention to these areas to really bring your room together.our experienced painters will make sure the job gets done quickly, professionally and timely matter.

Residential Painting

By simply changing the color and adding a fresh coat of paint to your home you can add value. This is a cost- effective way to beautify your home. Whether you’re looking to increase the value so when sell your house or you’d simply want to give it a makeover, our experienced painters will make sure the job gets done quickly, professionally and timely matter. Well, look no further! We have a 24/7 call center where you’ll always speak with a professional who can schedule an appointment for a FREE Quote at a time that’s convenient for you. Just call.Professional Offer services include:

  • Interiors
  • Venetian wall & accent walls
  • Drywall, tape, plaster & sand
  • Decorative painting and murals
  • wallpaper hanging and removal
  • Public areas of apartment buildings – hallways, lobby, etc.
  • Garage floor

Contact us for an estimate on a professional painting makeover for any area of your residence.

Commercial Painting

Here at Pro Touch Painting we value our commercial project and we offer special affordable rates. Since we know that your business keeps you busy, the last thing you need is to worry about dirty, scuffed or damaged walls, offices, and common areas such as lobbies, hallways, and break rooms which most commercial property indoor throughout time since these are traffic areas .That’s why, we offer flexible after-hours scheduling and recommend our eco-friendly, low-odor, quick-dry paints, you’ll hardly notice we were there!

Commercial Painting Preparation

Upon arriving on our schedule prep day. We ask for all outdoor or indoor furniture that may be in the way of our set-up to be moved. If man power is needed we will be more than happy to provide it. Here at Pro Touch Painting we are known for our neatness and attention to detail.

On prep day all your floors and furnishings will be covered with clean sheeting and drop cloths. We will prime all walls and repaired any work before applying our premium paint turning your dreams into reality. After each and every working job we make sure that the environment is clean and neat for the next day. And of course, we are available throughout the job to answer any questions which may arise.

Professional Offer services Include:

  • Offices
  • Boutiques
  • Malls
  • Franchise
  • Outlets
  • Churches
  • Condos
  • Townhouses, hospitals, hotels, banquet hall, and restaurants.

Venetian Wall

Venetian plaster is basically a wall and ceiling finish using thin layers of plaster applied to create a smooth surface with the illusion of depth and texture. Here with pro-touch painting owners will have the opportunity to sit down with one of our paint specialist to help choose the color of their choice and we will apply it leaving the walls with an elegant marbleized finish. Venetian Plaster imparts the glamorous look of polished marble and natural stone to your decor.

This smooth finish is layered with the multi-dimensional, two-tone appearance of marble surfaces, adding visual interest and charm. The warm hues of Venetian Plaster are perfectly at home in casual, contemporary or traditional rooms. Bring your room to life with the unique decor of a polished marble surface. The final effect is controlled by you. The more layers that are applied, the more depth and polish you achieve. We at pro touch painting we have a professional crew of painters each specializing in a specific finish and having completed many projects.

Skim coating and plaster Work

The Process of Skim Coating

You can skim coat with mud that has the same consistency as that you use for taping, but some finishers prefer to thin it slightly with water. The process is simple, but it takes practice to do correctly. You trowel the mud on with a drywall knife or roll it with a roller and then immediately scrape the wall with the knife, leaving only a smooth layer behind. Skim coating works best if done in thin layers, so if the wall is lumpy or has an existing rough texture, it may take more than one skim coat to flatten it.

When to Skim Coat

Skim coating can be a time-consuming process, and it isn’t always necessary. It’s especially desirable in areas of critical lighting, such as the upper parts of walls under a skylight or a hallway with a light source that shines obliquely on the walls. It’s also good to skim coat if you paint the walls with a gloss or semi-gloss paint, because reflective paint tends to exaggerate defects. Because a skim coat is a type of texture, you normally don’t need one if you’re applying a different type of texture, such as a knockdown or eggshell.


A mural is any piece of artwork painted or applied directly on a wall, ceiling or other large permanent surface. A distinguishing characteristic of mural painting is that the architectural elements of the given space are harmoniously incorporated into the picture.

Some wall paintings are painted on large canvases, which are then attached to the wall (e.g., with marouflage). Whether these works can be accurately called "murals" is a subject of some controversy in the art world, but the technique has been in common use since the late 19th century.

Wallpaper hanging and removal

Here at Pro Touch Painting to make sure that our experience team of wallpaper hangers have all the necessary equipment to remove all old wallpaper fast and clean. We steam, scrape and deeply clean all yours walls until all existing old wallpaper is completely gone. There is no job that is difficult for us making us your #1 choice. Our experienced crew can handle the kinds of wallpaper including vinyl wallpaper. New wall covering can transform a room, going from boring to beautiful. But before you can determine the best approach to removing wallpaper, you need to know the type of wall covering your dealing with. Wallpaper today it remains a favorite way to bring color, texture, and personality to a home since the 16th patterns and deep colors make any room seem more intimate, while light-toned papers with delicate prints convey a feeling of spaciousness. century. Bold

Dee’s advice to novice wallpaper hangers: begin with small, easy-to-match patterns. “Work patiently and steadily, and you’ll get tight seams and a professional look.”

Drywall, Installation, Repair, Tape and Spackle

All interior walls and ceilings are typically made from the same components. Drywall better known as sheetrock or gypsum board, consist of boards made from plaster, wood pulp, or other material. Here at Pro Touch Painting our craftsman are professional at what they do. Our fast, clean and nonsense approach is what separates us from the rest no matter the size of the project. Nothing stands out more than poorly spackled drywall seams. Taping application consist of three coats of compound and well sanded areas in order to achieve straight clean lines. We are ready to capable of repairing a small piece of drywall to spackle your entire building.

Home Additions & Capentry

Whether you need to add a floor to an existing home or built new garage, C. Construction can handle the job. We will meet with you to assess your needs and design. We have the skills and expertise to exceed your expectations by providing quality work at an affordable rate.

Has your family outgrown the size of your current home? Do you wish you had a little extra space in your house? If you answered “yes” to either of these questions, a home addition may be the best solution for you. Home additions can create more living space while adding value to your house and property. Whether you are searching for a new family room, a master bedroom with a bath, a kitchen space, or maybe even a home theater, we have you covered! Contact us today to learn more about the services we offer.


C. Construction provides expert masonry services for both residential and commercial projects. Our years of experience allow us to deliver high quality craftsmanship at a reasonable and affordable rate, whether the project is indoor or outdoor. Our area of expertise ranges from

Professional Offer services Include:

  • Front steps
  • Full brick
  • Stone home
  • Privacy wall
  • Retaining wall
  • Pavers
  • Stone entryways
  • Fireplace
  • Multi-family project or the front elevation of a house.

We take pride in building a trust with our clients. We ensure nothing but the best quality of work ethics. We pride ourselves with providing one-on-one walk through and free estimates on all projects. We value our clients and each one is extremely important to us, as such, we guarantee satisfaction.


We specialize in repointing from brick repointing, stone repointing and lime repointing. If you need your house repointed or simply improve the overall look to add character then look no further. Here at C.Construction we aim is to help you find the best cost effective solution for you. We are a trustworthy and a professional company that are happy to offer our services to all our residential and commercial customers.

To get technical the word Pointing is the term given to the ‘finish’ that is between the bricks or stone of the average house. Depending on the age of the building, the mortar which was used to lay between the stone or brick is either be made from lime or cement. When pointing isn’t done properly it can causes irreparable damage to older buildings. It is important to understand what the mortar joints actually do for the fabric of the house. It is strongly important for property owner to maintain their buildings, home or rental properties in goods standards.


Is your home seriously in need a facelift or siding replacement? Maybe you are looking for ways to become more energy efficient or simply just tried of the same look? Whatever the case may be you have come to the right place and we can help.

We specialize in Cedar, Stone or Vinyl installation. Every project we take are completed in a timely manner with care and attention to detail. When installing siding we treat it with delicacy, our cuts are extremely precise to fit perfectly with each other. One of our skilled project managers will provide one on one walk through and in home consultation to help you choose the right color or design to match your needs. We value our clients and each one is extremely important to us, as such, we guarantee satisfaction. C.Construction wants you to have the home of your dreams and add you to our fast growing list of satisfied customers!


We have completed hundreds of roofing projects throughout the Tri State area in past years and can count on C.Construction to install any roofing system properly. We provide on-site Estimates for any type of Roof Repairs or Installations for your home. We offers 24/7 Emergency Roof Repair, Roof Leak Repair or any type of Emergency Roofing in NJ. Maybe your Shingles are curling? Have An Active Leak? Missing Shingles? Don’t wait, pick the phone and Call today for a free, no obligation roofing estimate. As your roofing professionals we will inspect your roof and will then sit down and discuss a reasonable and affordable price to give u piece of mind.